Top Achievers 2016! Maintenance Photos for Isabody Challenge #4, and Off to the Races!


Top Achievers 2016 Isabody Challenge Finalists!


Wow! It’s been a couple months since my last blog post, but I’ve been pretty active on my Facebook page, so please refer to for more frequent posts and updates!

Now, down to business. Top Achievers was my first event since being announced as an Isabody Challenge Finalist and what an event it was!

The company was more than generous! We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua (amazing!), we went on a catamaran snorkel/sailing excursion, were given wonderful gifts, treats and dinners were bestowed upon us and we were basically treated like superstars for the whole event (professional photo shoots, video shoots and the whole shebang!). On top of all that I learned so much! The training was fantastic! I finally got to meet the other 4 finalists in my grouping and they couldn’t be a more fantastic group of people! All so deserving of their place in the finals. I just can’t stop gushing about them and can’t wait until we meet again in Las Vegas in a few weeks!









Despite a busy schedule, I managed to get my runs in while there. Went on an awesome coastal trail run with Joy! Once in a lifetime experience (unless of course, I get the opportunity to do it again – lol)!


And the Isabody Challenge Finalists from NYKO (another awesome group of people, by the way) showed their support and sent us a gift basket!

It was amazing to be able to bring my big sis, my accountabilibuddy and my biggest cheerleader, along with me. ❤️

We had a great time and I dare say are closer as a result.

And despite all the fun, we kept to the program and had our daily shakes! It is a lifestyle after all!

And although it was tough to say goodbye to paradise…

I was happy to see my little monster again! 🐾❤️

Pro Tip: If you have a long travel day ahead of you, it’s a good time to cleanse (thank-you Brenda Melville)! Cleanse for Life comes in convenient 2oz (TSA compliant) bottles and made a couple of 24-hour travel days easier to bear!

Sweat Equity

My marathon training continues as I ramp up for the Marine Corps Marathon in October! *gulp*

I had my first 10-mile training run! Woot!

And I continue to use my kettlebells as well as adding resistance bands to the regimen.


One of my favourite training companions is the Amped NOx


You can go for hours with this stuff in your system! Add an e+shot and there’s just no stopping you! Holy endurance batman! 👟


And now that summer is upon us, there’s nothing like some protein ice cream to keep you on track!

Here’s a non-dairy variety using Rich Chocolate Dairy-Free IsaLean shake

And a whey-based option using *Pina Colada IsaLean shake!

*a seasonal shake flavour that’s currently sold out*

Maintenance photos for my 4th Isabody Challenge were due last week and this has allowed me to reflect on just how far I’ve come these past 18-months.

All this using my home gym equipment and some DVDs!

*the dog’s crate makes for a functional storage area – hahaha!*

Race Weekend!

Today I ran my 2nd 10k! The Toronto Waterfront 10! I finished in under 54:00, marking my best time to date! This was my 3rd race of the season with 3 to go!

All I can really say is that starting this journey has been the best life decision I’ve made so far and I don’t regret it for a second. I know my mom would be proud and that she has guided my hand along the way. 👼🏾

Some words of (cheeky) wisdom 😜

So don’t forget to strength train!

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Time for a bit of catching up!

There is so much to report!

For the last year, I’ve been reporting on my results with Isagenix and using this blog to keep accountable during my transformation. But my transformation has been so much more than physical, so it’s time to change the focus.

It’s been a crazy couple of months since I last posted anything, and if you follow my  Isabody4Life Facebook page, then you’re pretty much caught up; but I thought it was important to expand on that and talk about where my head is at and this is the place to do it.

For starters, on March 29, 2016 I received a call from Isagenix Headquarters in Arizona. It was the Isabody Challenge team telling me that I had been chosen as one of the 5 finalists for the Top Achievers judging period!


This, for the completion of my 3rd Challenge and after getting an Honorable Mention for NYKO!

Needless to say, the earth tilted on its axis and has not yet righted itself!

What this means:

I’ve won $3,000, all expense paid trips for me (and a guest) to Top Achievers in Maui, to Celebration in Las Vegas and to the Isabody Escape in Costa Rica!!

 Top Achievers: Maui

Vegas Baby!

 Isabody Escape: Costa Rica!

Oh, and a 1 in 15 chance at winning the $25,000  Isabody Challenge Grand Prize!

giphy (1)

It’s been a life-changing whirlwind so far and I’m told it will get crazier! 😳

I will also be getting my 100lb Club plaque at Celebration in Las Vegas!

And let’s not foget, I’m turning 40 this year and have my eye on meeting my running goals for 2016 as well!

I have officially registered for all of my 2016 races! 

Race Roster Spring Run-Off (5k): done!

*My friend Andrea braved the unseasonably cold -11C and ran with me, despite us both having a cold as well!* 

Time: 29:23 – and I had to walk a bit because of my cough! Next year we do the 8k! 

The SportingLife 10k: Scheduled for May

The  Toronto Waterfront 10k: Schedule for June

The Beaches Jazz Run (half marathon): Scheduled for July

The Scotiabank Waterfront 5k/Half Marathon/Marathon (it’ll be the half marathon for me this year – a warm up/training run if you will) for mid-October

And the big one: The Marine Corps Marthon!! Set for the end of October!!

So I’ll get to run my first full marathon at 40 with the Marines! Semper Fi! 👟

I’ve also kept up with my training and even added some new elements!
My new bell “Smurfette” – she’s a killer!

  I’ve only completed 2 foundations classes, but me like! 💪🏾

Needless to say, a lot has been happening.

And this weekend, Isagenix had an event called Red and White Unite and I was asked to give my 60-second story regarding weight loss and the Isabody Challenge!

Of course I almost missed it as I had to go to the bathroom right when we were called to the stage! *made it back in the nick of time* 🤓

But despite how crazy everything has been – between my newfound responsibilities and increased workload at the office, my instant Isa-celebrity status and all of the new and cherished connections and relationships, I’ve managed to maintain my focus (and my workouts)! I never would have imagined a year and a half ago that I would be getting up at 5:30am on a Saturday and Sunday to get my runs in because I know I’ll be sitting most of the day!

Took my Amped Nox before my long run! And finished both with my shake and some Amped Recover! 💪🏾👟



I only woke up about 10 minutes into my Sunday morning run and there I was, running into the morning sun and knowing I was where I needed to be. Feeling so much gratitude and love and grace as I recognized that my cup runneth over and I had nothing but joy in my heart. I run because I can and because I must.

I’m feeling supercharged after such a great weekend! I was able to connect with some new and some familiar faces, people I expect I’ll call family as time goes by.


I also had some great moments with my sister. I didn’t give her a choice in attending and I was worried she would check out. But she found familiar faces in the crowd and I looked over to see that she was “getting it” seeing what I see and it nearly brought me to tears.

Next thing I know she’s getting up and speaking about gratitude and what resonated with her and I realized how much this has brought us closer together. Love. ❤️


She is my guest for my Isabody prizes and I’m so excited for her to experience this with me.


With all this, I even have energy  to finish a full day, get home, walk the dog and do my food prep! We all get the same 24-hours in a day! What do you choose to do with yours?



Gotta stay focused! Gotta have goals! This is about personal growth, not just physical transformation.

I am humbled by all the love and support I’ve received. I am living in a state of grace right now and I need to capture and acknowledge this moment in time.

18-months ago, I’d have been sitting on my couch watching tv or reading a book and dreaming of the life I wanted. Wanting, waiting and not doing. Not realizing that the ability to live my dreams has always been within me.

I’m  hoping this can reach and inspire just one person so say “yes” and keep going.  See it through. Open yourself up to all possibilities and accept that you may not know what’s ahead of you.

This is about being my best self and man am I glad I said “yes”!


Day 407 on Isagenix: Maintenance Photos!

(Poached from the Isabody Challenge Facebook page 😏)

It’s time to catch up!

I got my t-shirt and certificate for completing my 2nd Isabody Challenge! Love it!


And, this past week, maintenance photos were due for my 3rd Isabody Challenge! Woot!

To be honest, I was nervous. My body has been fighting a ‘set point’ this past month and although my ‘after photos’ from the end of January were good, I wanted more of a progression/change between the end of January and the end of February. It seemed as though all my body did was gain and lose the same 3-4lbs over the course of the month! And ultimately I was up a pound or so from where I ended! That being said, I have also come to understand that the scale can be my enemy and it is not the best or only measure that tests one’s progress and results. I had lost an additional 6.25″!  My body fat percentage remained relatively unchanged, so obviously there were muscle gains in the last month. And I now have the guns to prove it!


Some other highlights….

 I got a new Fitbit Badge!

Sweat Equity

Of course 2,500 lifetime miles would not be possible without venturing out in the elements for runs and walks!

Over the past month, I’ve slowly but surely ramped up the distance on my runs!

*Runs recorded with MapMyRun

And for the walks, just like the runs, it’s all about the gear!

And of course, gorgeous landscapes…


And non-food rewards!


Speaking of food….let’s look at some…



No real recipe here, above we have some baked Cajun-spiced catfish, organic purple kale and baby spinach sautéed in coconut oil, organic quinoa with dried figs and a side of organic avocado. It was delish! Comes in at under 600 calories!

Baked Hummus-Crusted Chicken (*Modified)    

*My modifications: I used some cayenne pepper on the chicken and veggies as well as the spices in the recipe and for the veggies I roasted zucchini, butternut squash (cubed), and brussels sprouts.


Below we have a vegan post-run meal. It was so delicious!  Why a vegan meal? Why not?

This was Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes topped with Greenbelt Greenhouse Spicy Mix Micro-Greens and Everyday SuperFoods: It’s Not Bacon! Canadian Maple. There may be some nutritional yeast on there too as I had subbed out the feta cheese that the recipe calls for. Also, my version also has butternut squash (I bought the cubes by accident thinking they were cubed sweet potato – but it’s all good!) This dish comes in at about 400 calories.

This one was an Eat Smart Roasted Yam Salad with added spinach, cucumbers and tomatoes and sprinkled with some nutritional yeast.  
And this is a new favourite: Stir-Fried Cauliflower “Rice” Bowl – so good!

I added red bell pepper, mushrooms and pacific white shrimp to mine – comes in at around 300 calories.


Since nutritional cleansing is now my thing, it’s fun to come up with interesting ways to have your Cleanse for Life. This is CFL in “sorbet” form. So good!


And thanks to nutritional cleansing with Isagenix I’ve been able to enjoy some very nice non-scale victories! I wore my first size 4 pair of pants – EVER!

Thirteen months ago I was wearing a size 20!


Keep these words of wisdom in mind: 

And here’s a pic of my dog Herbie because he’s such a cute old-man-dog now!

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NYKO! New Year, New You!! (New Me Too)

New Year Kick Off (NYKO)!

So much to report!


After the rush, whirlwind and exhilaration of an Honorable Mention for my second Isabody Challenge, I left on a jetplane to Dallas for NYKO!


Had a wonderful view of the skyline at Sheraton Dallas Hotel!

The staff were great! It was a great time!

I got to the Dallas Convention Centre not knowing what to expect…


But I had nothing to fear. It was fantastic!

Visited the Isabody Challenge Booth!


Such a great Mission that has given me focus and driven me to achieve my goals over the last year and continues to do so!

Got to meet some of the Isabody Family face-to-face! Love them!



and Shayla… 

Was fortunate enough to run into this  great lady, friend, and current Isabody Finalist….



Past Isabody Finalists….

Angela & Ellen

My new found buddy…



And the 2014 Isabody Challenge Grand Prize Winner!



And I can’t forget to mention my night out on the town with my new friends, fellow & future 100lb-Club members…

Bonnie & Barbara


Non-Scale Victory: Picked up some Isa-Gear in size small!


It was a whirlwind and I learned so much and received so much support and love, I am forever grateful for the opportunity!

Sweat Equity

Back home, and back to the grind! Had my best run yet! Woot!

(Too cold to run outside, so I caved and went with the treadmill! I even surprised myself!) 


 Isagenix Greens!

(I love this stuff on it’s own or added to my shake. I also use it for the Bedtime Belly Buster or BBB!)


It’s officially been a year since I started my journey!

All told I have lost 105lbs, 108″ and 23% Body Fat!  

Now it’s time to kick it up a notch heading into Challenge #4!

I’ve signed up for Healthy Mind & Body and so far it’s been great! Transformation is never solely physical and this program supports the psychology of transformation as well.


In parting, some Words of Truth:


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Happy New Year! It’s Global Cleanse Day!!

Happy 2016! It’s Global Cleanse Day!!

Many will have started this year resolved to make changes, lose weight, eat clean, be healthy – as we often do at this time of year – and I’m no different. I don’t really subscribe to “New Year’s Resolutions”, as they inevitably become temporary, but January is a time to start fresh.

Personally, I’m committed to continuing on my journey of health and wellness and observing Global Cleanse Day as a way to stay on track and renew my daily commitment to myself and all I’ve accomplished in 2015.

Results so far (351 Days on Isagenix) 

Total weight lost: 102.3lbs*

Total inches lost: 112.5″!

Body Fat % lost: 22.3%!

*Full Disclosure: Since I started using AMPED Power, which is a creatine supplement, I’ve gained 4.8lbs! (I’m currently cleansing, thus water loading so that weight figure may not be accurate) I believe this to be increased muscle mass and water retention due to the supplement (and a little holiday overindulgence to boot) – so, I’m going off of it for a bit and when I reintroduce it, I’ll lessen the amount that I use to about half (and won’t use it as often as I had been). I have also lost 9.5″ in that same span of time, so it’s not overly detrimental, but not the results I’m looking for.


Intermittent fasting has been a game changer for me and I don’t anticipate that I’ll give it up completely – even after I reach my weight loss goal (and I’m not too far off)!

I’m posting a very interesting Tedx Talk I saw on the subject (not Isagenix related):

Why fasting bolsters brain power: Mark Mattson at TEDxJohnsHopkinsUniversity

Cleansing with Isagenix is a form of intermittent fasting. In my opinion, Isagenix products offer additional benefits other than just caloric restriction on cleanse days. Cleanse for Life, Ionix Supreme and Isagenix Coffee nourish the body and provide you with support while fasting.

Physically, cleanse days are easy. The 2-day deep cleanses make you feel fantastic especially on day 2!! But they aren’t always easy and depending on where you’re coming from, they can by psychologically quite difficult.

I have benefitted from using my cleanse days to be mindful about hunger and to meditate on my relationship with food. It may sound flowery, but it’s a game changer when you can think before you eat. This is big for those of us who have suffered from food addiction. And the cleanse days practically eradicate junk food cravings – or at least they did for me.

I dragged the Pampered Pooch out for the first real snowfall of winter – he was not impressed! But it reminded me of growing up in Ottawa.

Some Holiday Foodstuffs

Thought I’d try this as my sandwich for lunch over the holidays. Found it on the MyFitnessPal Blog: Sweet Potato Turkey Sandwich

*I substituted Mad Mexican Chunky Guacamole as I didn’t have any hummus*

*It was really good!*


 Soup! With the cold weather upon us, I discovered the wonders of the Wild Mushroom IsaLean Soup! I made mine with some unsweetened organic almond milk and a couple of tablespoons of plain greek yogurt and it was a surprisingly hearty and filling cream of mushroom soup! I also topped it with a couple of teaspoons of IsaCrunch! So good!


Sweat Equity

Now, just because the holidays happened that’s no reason to lose momentum. I made so much  progress in 2015 – so I refuse to let that progress get derailed just because of Christmas! I had my best run yet on New Year’s Eve!

And I got my GORE® TEX runners! I will not let the winter get me down! My feet will stay dry and warm!

Love me some Saucs! Women’s Saucony Ride 8 GTX!

*I’m a Saucony girl!*

There are many of you who may not be where I am. You could be just starting out, struggling or contemplating, but there’s one thing I know for sure!

Think positively toward the year ahead, whether you have 10lbs or 100lbs to lose!

And here’s why!

Have a great week!


Long Overdue Update! Day 334 on Isagenix

Poached the photo above from the IsaBody Challenge Facebook page!

It’s December and it’s been busy. There is much to report!

It’s hard to articulate how surreal the last little while has been!

For the past 2 months, I’ve switched up my exercise and have been doing Insanity workouts by Shawn T. Wowza! Talk about sculpting your body!

insanity banner

I’ll be taking a break from the “insanity” over the next month (for the sake of my knees) and I’ll be returning to some kettlebell and Jillian Michaels, then for the start of my 4th Isabody Challenge  near the end of January – and since I’m a glutton for punishment it seems – I’ll be returning to the world of Shawn T for some Insanity: Max 30. The results are addictive!

I’ve also been walking 40 minutes to work everyday, walking my dog in the evenings and running 3x/week – I’ve not missed a run clinic since class ended in October! I currently log between 12-15kms/week. All outside too! No treadmill running if I can help it!

I’ve registered for two races to kick off the 2016 run season!

Race Roster Spring Run-Off (5k) *formerly Harry’s Spring Run-Off* scheduled in April!

And the Sporting Life 10k (Toronto) scheduled in May!

All this walking and running has earned me a couple of new lifetime distance badges from Fitbit:

But the most important badge I’ve earned recently is this one:

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve reached a milestone and lost 100lbs!

Actually 101lbs to be exact! And 103″ (20″ off my waist alone) as of December 15, 2015!

When I began this journey on January 19, 2015, I had a secret goal of losing 100lbs by December 18, 2015 and I’ve reached that and more!

I received an Honorable Mention for NYKO (New Year’s Kick Off) 2016 in  Dallas, Texas which is a top 10 finish after the selected finalists! This comes with some awesome prizes too! All this in my 2nd Isabody Challenge! And all this just for pushing myself on my journey!

Honorable-121715-YovankaM (1)

*This photo shows my progress from February 2015 to November 2015*

I am also officially now a member of  the Isagenix 100lb Club!


Some Isagenix products (other than the 30-day Cleansing and Fat Burning System) that have helped me achieve my goals:

Amped Power (this is like workout go-go juice!) I burn almost 100 extra calories when I take this before working out!


My new favourite flavour of Replenish! Grape!


And my Insanity-laden knees’ new bestie:

Ageless Pain Relief Cream (this is included in the Performance System)


Now for the recipe portion of the blog:


As with any weight loss success, it is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise and if there’s anything I can stress, it’s the importance of eating clean home cooked meals when not enjoying your IsaLean or IsaLean Pro Shakes. So here are some fairly easy to make healthy and clean recipes from some of my favourite blogs and websites! Good ideas for that knife and fork meal.

I’ve posted this one before, but it’s a great (and quick) go-to meal from the MyFitnessPal Blog:

Baked Hummus-Crusted Chicken with Organic Cookin’ Greens sautéed in Coconut Oil.

This is a new one that I made at my sister’s place:

Vegetarian Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Casserole


Pre-Oven (before baking – all built and ready to go!)
Post-oven (after baking)

  Another from the “Hello Healthy” MyFitnessPal Blog:

Skinny Chicken Parmesan (made with Shasha Bread Company’s Organic Spelt Bread Crumbs)

  And combined, they make the perfect plate with a side of fresh avocado!

And finally my offering for the recent holiday office potluck, I found this delicious vegetarian dish on the NY Times Cooking Blog: Roasted Cauliflower Gratin with Tomatoes and Goat Cheese


One thing that’s important to take away from this whirlwind blog post is that transformation is for anyone. Not just former athlete’s, but ANYONE – and this video says it best:

Happy Holidays! Here’s to crushing it in 2016!!

Day 311 on Isagenix: Results and Foodstuffs!


FINALLY!!! I got my 95lbs lost badge!!  Not sure about measurements as I’m not due to take them until the weekend, but as predicted – cutting down on evening snacks and rocking my last 2-day deep cleanse gave me the results I was looking for! After a 2-week plateau, I’m down another 3.5lbs! 


Pictured below is a recipe I found on the NY Times Cooking Blog: Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Figs. So good. 

My friend told me I was the first person to get her to like Brussels sprouts! It’s a nice feather to have in one’s cap! ☺️

I added some shrimp sautéed in sriracha sauce and garlic and served it over shiritaki noodles. I also used pancetta instead of traditional bacon. 

And…Yay to new products and seasonal flavours! I can’t wait to try the Eggnog Shake! Mmmm….Egggnog 

And of course there’s my new favourite: Isagenix Coffee!



A random pic of my sucky dog Herbie in his “watch mummy workout” resting place.


Not words of wisdom so much as just plain funny! This isn’t an issue for me and my Isalifestyle!!

Ok, some real words of wisdom


Have a great week!!

Isagenix Day 304: Results, Rewards, Realities, Maintenance and Motivators

My mind has shifted to another place. Like I’ve been shouting at myself in my head, but the volume was on mute all this time.

Now I can hear what I’ve been trying to tell myself. Wake up. It’s time. Time to take your life by the reigns. Time to shine.

I’ve never felt better in my life.

Powering through my journey and staying positive along the way has been really important.  Especially now that my weight loss numbers have slowed – although I’m still seeing changes in my body, but adjustments are a constant.

This final push is proving to be both challenging  and rewarding. But so worth it.

Results! (and realities)

Only 1″ down from my last measurements, but things are moving around – so to speak – so I’ve gained inches in some areas while losing in others.

I’ve also had  zero weight loss in the last two weeks – I’m in no was despondent about this – if a little disappointed, as I have seen and felt changes in my body. Not to mention I’ve seen great results since the end of my 2nd Challenge so I think my body is playing a bit of catch-up/recovery now.

I’m finding that this is where tweaking my nutrition to account for my exercise regimen has become really important so obviously I need to make some adjustments and the reality is I need to cut out the evening snacking! *guilty face* 😔

I love this system and eat when I want to, but it’s about what I eat not when or even how much really. But now is the time to fine tune so sacrificing the evening snacking is a must!

So, I’m still 8lbs away from the elusive 100! But it’s not a question of ‘if’, just ‘when’.

A new lifetime distance Fitbit badge!  Can’t wait for  the next one as I’ve just bought the gear to keep me walking to work through the winter months!

My “Begin to Run” class at Energia Athletics came to an end and I was the only one who showed up!! Here’s me and my coach Elizabeth. We had a nice final class run together. 😊 Now I hope to keep seeing her at Tuesday clinic (which I plan on attending as much as possible so that I don’t lose my momentum and keep up with running at least 3 times a week) – this also means I need winterized gear – not that I need an excuse to go shopping or anything!


So I had to do “maintenance photos” for my last Challenge and it was so motivating and kept my progress in perspective, especially since I had lost 7lbs and 10″ since the end of my 2nd Challenge!

Here’s a progress pic of my journey from February to November:


And of course a nice “reward” for recent accomplishments (not that I really need a reason to treat myself, but this is the new world of non-food rewards), some Stan Smiths!

I love these kicks!

And as usual, some words of wisdom:


Have a great week!

Day 283 on Isagenix: Let’s Catch Up with Some Results, Rewards, Foodstuffs and Accomplishments!

Where do I begin?!

It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted anything, and there’s a lot to report! So, here goes:

Our Run for the Cure Team raised over $1000! As far as I’m concerned my first year as a Team Captain was definitely a success! We will aim to qualify for team shirts in the future! Thanks for your support!

 To kick off Thanksgiving Weekend, I was surprised with my Certificate of Completion and Challenge T-shirt from my first Isabody Challenge! It was a motivator to do Thanksgiving right!

My sister and I enjoying a doppelgänger Thanksgiving!

And the much needed Cleanse support the day after….

(Replenish & an IsaDelight Plus)

Another pleasant surprise arrived in the mail!

Now for some Foodstuffs!

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese from my favourite place for recipes: MyFitnessPal Blog!
In my version I used Red & White Quinoa Macaroni from GoGo Quinoa, I subbed the regular milk with unsweetened almond milk and I added some pancetta. Including my substitutions/additions, and after dividing the recipe into 8 servings, all told it only comes to 486 kcal a pop with 23.4 grams of protein!

Found this great product in the snack aisle at Longo’s: Living Intentions Gone Nuts, Clusters of Cacao – Delish!

And of course, the big event! The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon! I ran my first 5k!   
And with its completion are the rewards! I think I’ve caught the bug! I want more of these finisher medals!

(Finished in 32:13! I’m told it’s not bad for a newbie😉) 

When I started my journey back in January, I never would have imagined completing a 5k this year.

And I earned a new Fitbit badge this week! Woot! That’s something to sing about!


The last month has been tough, as I’ve not been as strict with myself about food and as I get closer to my goal it’s taking longer to drop the pounds – but the inches are still coming off! Only 10lbs away from a very important milestone and this will undoubtedly be a tough 10 to lose. With the holidays approaching, it’ll be important for me to stay focused, but to still have fun!

In an effort to get my ducks in a row for maintenance, I’ve consulted a naturopathic doctor to help me transition back to 2 meals a day in an integrated way that maintains the equilibrium that Isagenix nutrition has given me – whole, low glycemic, anti-inflammatory foods with a mind to reducing toxins in the body. Early stages yet, so I’ll keep you posted!

And finally, some words of ‘wisdom’ to get you through the rest of the week!

I’ll check back in in the next couple of weeks!

Day 257 on Isagenix: Results, End of Challenge #2, Begin Challenge #3!

Woot! Woot! This week I earned my newest Fitbit badge!


So, I rewarded myself with a bag from the most recent Kate Spade Surprise Sale for getting to the “80s”!



I think upping my workouts to 80 minutes a morning and alternating kettlebell and Jillian Michaels has paid off.

Since last week I’ve lost another 4.8lbs and since my last measurements, I’ve lost another 2.5″!!

My second Isabody Challenge didn’t end as strongly as my first, but I can’t say I’m disappointed with the results, especially since I’m getting so close to my goal. Only 13lbs difference between Challenge #1 and Challenge #2 – and I lost the same amount of body fat!  So, let’s see what Challenge #3 has in store!


Apple & Quinoa Kale Salad! So yummy!! Tip: I only used half of the dressing and it cuts the calories down and allows for an optional ‘side’.

And to mark the start of Challenge #3, here’s a pic comparing my January body to my October body (not the most flattering, but it’s the truth)!


That’s what 86″ lost looks like!!

This weekend it the first of my two 5ks this month! Sunday being the Run for the Cure! Can’t believe I decided to be a Team Captain! So busy….but so worth it! After participating in this event for almost 15 years, I’d be loathe to miss it!

And in closing, some words of wisdom:


Have a great week everyone!