The Results Are In! Let the Games Begin!

So, I finished my “trial run” 30-day system and to say that the results are impressive is an understatement!

Total weight loss: 18lbs!! Total inches lost: 20!

What the hell! Yes, it’s true! An inactive female in her 30’s lost 18lbs in one month (not to mention the 20″), and for the most part I wasn’t exercising (I don’t really count taking the dog for a 20 minute walk now and again during this frigid Canadian winter as exercise – I’m not really getting my heart rate up – for fear of wiping out on the ice and breaking my neck – and we both hate the cold!).  I digress…

What I’ve learned is this: Isagenix works (for me)!

It’s not a miracle. There is science and math behind what is going on with these results. The key is sticking to the program and drinking enough water! And don’t forget to be accountable!

I got a Fitbit to help me with that. I track what I eat, my water intake and my activity levels. The model I got, the One (since I didn’t want an ugly plastic bracelet clashing with my jewellery), also tracks sleep. I never realized how little I was actually getting until I started wearing this little gem.  The results aren’t going to be 100% accurate, but that’s really not the point. It’s a good gauge of how much activity you’re getting in your day and it makes you accountable – even if it’s just to yourself.

As I’ve pretty much decided I’m going “All-In” at this point, I’m starting my second 30-day system and joining the Isabody Challenge to help me reach my goals. My first 30-days was to prove to myself that I could stick to the program (shake days/cleanse days regimen) and I proved that; despite a couple of nights that involved some wine, I didn’t really do too badly. It wasn’t hard for me to stick to the program. I find that I’m actually enjoying it. I mean what have I got to lose, right? 😉

Now I’m adding some exercise to the regimen. To begin with, workout DVD’s in the morning before work. And we’ll see what happens from there.

Wish me luck and I’ll try to update regularly from now on!

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