Let’s Get Moving!


So, as I stated earlier, I didn’t exercise during my “trial run” 30-day system.

Now that “sticking to it” has panned out time to add some exercise. I’m staring with Jillian Michaels Beginner Shred. [Ordered the DVDs pictured from Indigo last week]

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still a chicken. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been reasonably fit so I’m, again, taking baby steps.

The exercises are only 20 minutes. It’s intervals, low impact and works up a good sweat in a short period of time.

This makes it easy for me to do before work. No hassle of going out in the dreaded (and currently unbearable in the -30’s) sub-zero temps to head to the gym, just roll out of bed and move the coffee table!

And because I’m no fool, I got a 1″ mat on Amazon (floors at the gym and yoga studios are padded, those thin yoga mats are an illusion of comfort in those spaces – on hardwood they’re agony) – I digress.

Anyhoo…it’s 3 different routines with increasing difficulty levels. You do each for 10 days stating with level 1.

Today went well, and coming off of a 2-day cleanse I, surprisingly, had wicked energy.

Tonight will be my first night trying the famed Bedtime Belly Buster (BBB)!

I’ll keep you posted!


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