Look What I Got!!

So, I finally decided to get a “proper” scale. The Fitbit Aria. It also appeases the gadget junkie in me. ☺️

I figured if I’ve joined the Isabody Challenge, perhaps I shouldn’t  continue to rely on my 15-year-old $10 analog scale (with a mind of its own) to track my results.  Another tool to help me with my challenge! It’s all about the data. It even tracks body fat %, lean mass % and BMI. 

It’s been reviewed well, so that’s encouraging and between the Aria, my Fitbit One and MyFitnessPal, I’m set to record and track my data to help me on the road to success!!

I’ve set it up, but haven’t stepped foot on it yet (that’s the chicken rearing her beak again).  

I’ll wait till morning to find out if my old scale has been lying to me these past few years, and whether my bubble from the results of my first 30-days will be shattered. 


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