Does the Bedtime Belly Buster Really Work?

Yes! Yes, it does!

At the beginning of this past week, I wasn’t happy that the scale hadn’t moved. At all. 

Logically I understood that since I had just started working out with weights, I was likely building a bit of lean muscle mass. But I still felt a bit frustrated by the scale’s lack of movement in a positive direction. 

It’s amazing what a motivator even a 1lb loss provides!

So, this was the week I decided to try the Bedtime Belly Buster

Before bed, from Monday to Friday, I drank a 5oz. shake consisting of 1scoop of Isapro mixed with 1scoop of IsaFruits, ice and water. 

The first couple of days I felt mildly bloated – especially since I had cut out my late night eating/snacking over the past month. 

Then the third night, I was ravenous right before bed and again when I woke. [Like once you feed the monster it needs its fix or something] 

I felt a bit lighter on day 4 of the BBB heading into day 5. 

And then….when I measured today I discovered my waist has shrunk by 2.5″ with a 1.8lb weight loss to go with it! Nice way to start my second 2-day cleanse!!

Oh, and it turns out my old scale wasn’t off in calculating my weight (even though you need to take 5 weights to be sure), but that new smart scale advises that based on my body fat %, I’m practically a solid – so that’s just another number to work on. Since getting the new scale, I’ve lost 0.4% body fat! It’s only been 4 days. So if I stick to it, these numbers can only get better!!

Here’s to a successful cleanse weekend!👍


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