Results! 60 Days on Isagenix

*the first 30-Days completed of my IsaBody Challenge

It can be very difficult to break the lifelong indoctrination that tells us the scale is best measure of health. But the scale is not the most important thing, the measuring tape is. This is something that I have to keep reminding myself. 

Like a mantra – the key is also to not weigh yourself too often. 

My first 30-day results on Isagenix were impressive: 18lbs and 20″ releases (3″ of that was off the waist). 

My second 30-day results (first 30-days of my IsaBody Challenge) don’t seem so impressive: just over 8lbs and 5″ more released. 

BUT the additional 5″ came mostly off my waist!!! That has to count for something, right? Right!!!

So, my results to date – after using Isagenix for 60-days: approx. 26.5lbs and 25″ released!! 🎉☺️

Yay me! 

As I begin my next 30-days, some adjustments need to be made: caloric intake, exercise levels, macros adjusted, etc.  But I’ll try to keep posting, because if this blog helps just one person, then it’s worth it!


Happy Friday!!


One thought on “Results! 60 Days on Isagenix

  1. That’s great Yovanka. I know you also want to lose the weight, but just think you’ve lost just over 2 feet from all around your body! And 26 pounds is nothing to shake a stick at! Congratulations and keep it up!

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