Time for an Update!

I’ve been a bit lax in updating so here goes:

My sister took my measurements on April 1st and it turns out, I’ve lost 7 more inches! That’s 32″ total on Isa!

And when I did my Tuesday morning weigh-in, I was down 2.6 more pounds taking me to just over 30lbs lost in 73 days!!

I can’t say I’m not happy with that!

People are definitely starting to notice now, partly because I’ve been forced to pick up some pieces of clothing that fit me a bit better now that I’m down 3 pant sizes. But I must admit it feels good to see all my hard work paying off! And I feel great!

In an attempt to make these lifestyle changes permanent, I’ve been tweaking my program here and there and trying out new products* (or products unfamiliar to me) and new recipes.

*Please note: I don’t get paid for product endorsements. I spend my hard earned cash on this stuff in an effort to make lifestyle changes that are important to me!

A miracle addition to my morning shake is now 1tsp of Holy Crap!

Holy Crap‘s main components are organic chia seeds, organic hemp seeds and organic buckwheat. It’s long digestibility extends my morning shake till lunch and leaves me feeling more satisfied throughout the day. It’s a great fibre boost and I love it! It’s entirely organic and Canadian! And although it’s on the expensive side, it’s worth it! I’m worth it! 😊

Some more recipes/products I’ve had success with:

I’ve found a great quinoa and rice pasta I can get at my grocery store that doesn’t taste like paste! GoGo Quinoa makes a great spaghetti that I paired with my sister’s homemade bolognese sauce and some steamed kale!

Stuffed Butternut Squash another great recipe post from my favourite MyFitnessPal Blog (the one I made is pictured below).

It was delicious and was very filling! Mine is a bit brighter than the one pictured in the recipe because I think they used red quinoa and I didn’t.

I had great success with another recipe I found posted on MyFitnessPal Blog: Gluten-Free Zucchini Quiche (mine is pictured below):


The crust is flourless with almond meal and ground flax and is surprisingly easy to make! 

I had a delicious Pan Seared Salmon with cauliflower “couscous”, asparagus and red peppers (a nice Good Friday lunch) when I was at Frank at the AGO yesterday, and I forgot to take a pic of the gorgeous presentation! Next time…. 

One final food pic: looked at this perfect avocado (it was delicious too)!

Tonight I’ll try making Spinach Artichoke Egg Casserole. I’ll post pics (if I remember to take any) later. 

9:52pm – Here’s my version! (These are now the final final food pics):


Which made for a delicious dinner:


Happy Easter/Passover weekend! 🐣

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