90-Day Results on Isagenix!

Freedom 90!

My official theme song for today is Freedom 90 by George Michael. http://youtu.be/diYAc7gB-0A

 I’ll be channelling my inner supermodel after watching that video – haha!

This marks 90-days on the Isagenix 30-day system for me and 60-days into my first IsaBody Challenge.

I am happy (proud and elated to be precise) to report a 40lb* weight loss in my first 90-days!! ☺️

I feel AMAZING!!

If you haven’t already figured out from my earlier posts, I’ve gone from skeptic to convert and I can say unabashedly that love the Isagenix products!

I haven’t sold anything to anyone yet – as I said in the beginning, that’s not my focus. I want to concentrate on my journey right now – but I feel like that step will come inevitably – mainly because my results have garnered a lot of interest in the system. But that’s not really my point or my focus.

Total lost in the last 30 days: 11″ and 12.2lbs

Total inches lost on Isagenix: 36!

For the last 7-days I also did the Bedtime Belly Buster. So in the last 7 days I’ve lost 2.8lbs and 1.5 inches off my waist with the help of the BBB.

AND I am finally seeing my body fat number make a move in the right direction!

I’m suddenly down 3% body fat since my last weigh-in! That may be a result of focusing on my macros and working to get my calories from protein at around 40% of my daily intake. The BBB may also be to thank for that since it’s a dose of protein before bed.

I also tried the Sleep Support & Renewal Spray over the last few nights and although my sleep has been improving on its own, that stuff is amazing. Puts me in a coma about 20-minutes after taking it and I wake up refreshed and alert – no grogginess! (it’s also supposed to increase the effectiveness of the BBB).

*My total weight loss is  38lbs and change, but I’m also coming up on a two-day deep cleanse starting tomorrow, my first after a 10 day break, so I’ll check back in soon with my results post-cleanse!  


2 thoughts on “90-Day Results on Isagenix!

  1. Amazing Yovanka! I just gained some weight down in Cuba so I’ve got to cleanse this week! I haven’t had Isagenix for a whole week and I can’t wait to have my shake for breakfast today. I missed it. It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday. Have a great day:)

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