Day 107: Results and Food!

Another week has gone by, and to be honest, after I did measurements on Friday (7″ lost!), I feel good, but I’m curious to see if this feeling affected that number on the scale.  


Coming off another successful 2-Day Cleanse (next week I take my monthly break from cleansing), Survey Says…..

4lbs lost this week! Total: 46lbs! 

7 more inches lost (as of May 1st) for a total of 43″ lost!

And these results are despite having indulged in the cheesy, gooey grilled cheese goodness (pictured below) on Saturday night! *It’s not as bad as you’d think!

Time for a recipe share!

Now, I have chosen to forgo most “starchy” carbs (I’ll eat some sprouted grains, but generally stay away), and as a result have had the opportunity to make some amazing recipes!

Bread-Free Cauliflower Grilled Cheese was, if I may say, better than grilled cheese made with bread! 😋 (so good, I can’t stop raving about it)

This is my version (in the pan):   

And the gooey finished product (with pickles and a salad of beets and greens) and as decadent as it tasted, it was only about 600 kcal!  

That’s about it for now! Check back soon!


2 thoughts on “Day 107: Results and Food!

  1. That looks amazing Yovanka! How did you make that grilled cheese? Just squish the cauliflower flat? Did you have to mix anything with it to make it stay together? I’m going to share this with one of the ladies at my office if you don’t mind! 46 pounds and 43 inches!!!! Wow, that’s just about losing 4 feet off your body! Amazing. I am so happy for you 🙂

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