Day 135: Results & Food Stuff – Isagenix Rules!!

So, after 135 Days, and with a week remaining in my first IsaBody Challenge:

I’ve lost 6 more inches!

I’ve also lost 4.5 more pounds!

Totals: 54″ and 55lbs lost since January 19, 2015 on Isagenix!!

I started in January at 250lbs and now I weigh 195lbs! I’m not at my final goal yet, but my goal for this Challenge was to get under 200lbs so I’m proud to say I’ve reached that with a week to go!

Liz Crazy Dancing

I’ve literally lost 10.5″ from my waist – which would explain going from a size 20 to a 14!

My sister jokes that I seem to be losing about a pound per inch and it would appear she’s correct! ☺️

Although my eating was a bit less controlled (and over my caloric budget) for Friday and Saturday (attended a party, drank wine, had cake, ate parsnip chips late at night…), I’d say it didn’t go too badly. The results are a lot better than I thought they would be and hey, the sky didn’t fall when I gave in to a couple of cravings!

Everything in moderation definitely rings true. At least my “bad habit” moments aren’t as bad as they used to be. The apocalypse didn’t actually happen and derail my progress!

Next post will be my at the end of my first challenge and I promise to post a before and after pic!

Now for the “Food Stuff”! aka: I tried out some more recipes recently.

This was posted to the Isagenix Facebook page: Isalean Protein Peanut Butter Muffins – this recipe makes 6!

And my attempt at a reasonable facsimile (makes for an efficient snack at 117kcal/muffin):

Another find from the MyFitnessPal Blog: Below is my version of Mediterranean Quinoa Salad (with added chicken and avocado)

And now in parting: I saw this on the web and couldn’t resist!  I thought of it as a humorous way to motivate myself (LoL)! Cheers!😂

2 thoughts on “Day 135: Results & Food Stuff – Isagenix Rules!!

  1. I am so proud of you Yovanka. You have done amazing. You’re so upbeat and dedicated and I’m so glad that with all your hard work, you’ve achieved your goal of getting under 200 pounds. I’m sure you’ve had to buy new clothes by now instead of folding over those jeans! Congrats 🙂

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