Day 170: Results On Isagenix – Plateaus, Purges and Rewards

So, the last couple weeks have been tough. I hit a plateau, over snacked and was having a tough time with the mindset (letting that little voice creep in). 

My second IsaBody Challenge has been slow going so far (I’m just in my fourth week). And I haven’t been loving the kickboxing DVD. Time to go back to 3-2-1 intervals. That’s where I’m happy. 

Last week, I only lost 0.7lbs and 0.5 inches.  ðŸ˜Ÿ

I know I’ll hit plateaus. I know my progress will slow and I have to shake things up as I go. I know I’m not perfect, but I’ve been lucky these last few months and things have been trucking along with virtually no bumps in the road. All the same, I didn’t handle it well. And I over indulged as a result.

So I hit the reset button this week. Time to keep from stalling out. 

My sister and I went through my closets and purged. A lot. 10 bags of clothes and 7 bags of shoes got donated. Yikes! I’m thankful I have a lot of closet space or I would’ve been living in an episode of hoarders! 

The de-cluttering was really good for my mental clarity. 

I hit my last cleanse days of this 30-day system like a pro! Walked 20k steps on Day 1 (Sunday), and completed my interval training and over 12k in steps on Day 2 (Monday)! I can’t wait for that shake today!

Results on Day 170: Another 5.1lbs lost! 

Fitbit says:   

(although technically it’s 66.9lbs total, but they only give you a “badge” per 5lbs lost ☺️!)

Booyah! I jumped a small hurdle and have said bye-bye to this plateau. 

See? I just had to keep the faith 😊

No measurements till next week!

I also decided to reward myself for purging some physical and mental baggage from my life and this is what I got (my ring size has changed and I really like sales):

Back to killing it and rocking this transformation!!! 💪🏾

Have a good week! ☺️ ☀️



One thought on “Day 170: Results On Isagenix – Plateaus, Purges and Rewards

  1. Keep it up Yovanka. Glad you got over your hump. I sent you something via email regarding getting over a plateau. One of the ladies on my team just posted it on facebook today. If you ever have a desire to get on there, I can add you to some of the Isagenix groups. Take care 🙂


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