Results! Day 191 on Isagenix – It’s Summerlicious!


1.1lbs lost this week for a total of 70.5lbs!! Woot!

It’s funny, but that little of a loss would have bothered me a couple weeks ago – heck, it did just that – but not this week!

In collecting all of this data, I recognized that in the last week, I’ve lost 2lbs of fat and gained 1lbs of lean muscle (thank you Fitbit Aria!) and my body fat% went down half a point!

I like the sound of that trade off!Those are stats that get me pumped and that’s win for me!

Not to mention, I still feel great and know I’ve lost inches (although I haven’t measured yet to see just how much).

And I still have a recorded loss despite indulging in Summerlicious at Pure Spirits Oyster House & Grill in the Distillery District on Saturday night for my sister’s birthday!

The Menu:

Some Tempura Calamari that the table shared (from the regular menu):

First course: Melon and Mint Gazpacho

Second Course: Grilled Mackerel with Rhubarb Gastrique, Braised Turnip, Baby Beets and Swiss chard – let’s be honest, with only one beet this description should be singular like the turnip!

Third Course: Classic Creme Brûlée with Sea Salt Shortbread Biscotti

And…Everything tastes better with wine!

It was so delicious, but richer than I’ve been used to eating of late…thank goodness I followed it up with a 2-day deep cleanse! ☺️

I just have to remind myself of how far I’ve come and I can never be disappointed in my results!

Here’s a couple of shots of my sister and I (then and now):

Have a great week!!


2 thoughts on “Results! Day 191 on Isagenix – It’s Summerlicious!

  1. You look amazing, and if that Summerlicious is a cheat it seems like a pretty amazing and good for you cheat! Have you received anything from Isagenix about your Isabody Challenge? Did you get some free products when you completed your first one? Take care and keep having a great summer!! 🙂


  2. Thanks Donna! I got my $200 product certificate last week and am already in receipt of my “extras”! I’m going to give Product B a try! I’m sure it will be a little bit before I get my Challenge t-shirt and certificate, but I’m ready doing my Challenge for the NYKO judging period! So fingers crossed! Hope you’re enjoying the heat!


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