Day 198 on Isagenix: Results!

Rocked my last 2-Day Deep Cleanse of my current 30-day system something fierce! Each day of my cleanse (Sunday and Monday), I walked over 20,000 Steps! And I got the FitBit badges to prove it! No cleansing this coming week as it’s my break week so I’ll be Belly Busting for sure!

Now for results: The smaller I get and the more weight I lose, it seems I am destined to have a slow week followed by a rocking one!  And I’m ok with that! I’m asking my body to make a lot of quick adjustments, so I have to be patient!

Following last week’s 1.1lb loss, I’ve managed to follow it up with a loss this week of 4.2lbs! That’s a total of 74.6lbs since January 19th!

And in addition to that, I’ve lost another 8.75″ for a total of 74.25″! It appears the inch-to-pound trend continues! I’m not disappointed in the least!

No positive changes in my body fat%. I actually lost some of my muscle gains from last week, but so it goes. I just have to keep up my weight training and it will bounce back!

To top off the good news, this afternoon I got a call from Isagenix Head Office to let me know I’ve moved up to the rank of ‘Consultant’ (I honestly don’t know much about the business side of Isagenix and don’t really know what that means in the grand scheme of things but it’s more good news to keep me smiling)!

My only goal (other than those of my personal journey) is to help others on their journey if they are interested in taking a chance on themselves and the Isa lifestyle.

Now it’s time for FOODSTUFFS!

First we have another  recipe from my favourite site, MyFitnessPal Blog: Baked Hummus-Crusted Chicken 

My version is organic and I added a layer of Cooking Greens – a blend of organic kale, butternut squash, and quinoa: (I also added a bit of leftover prosciutto cubes I had in the fridge – so not entirely organic – but the amount was negligible. Less than 1 oz for a dish that made 4 servings)

I layered the roasted zucchini (from a colleague’s home garden), with the cooking greens and topped it off with the baked chicken. Delish!

Next up (also from the Blog): Everyday Frittata I love me some Frittata – mmmm….eggs! For this particular recipe, I used unsweetened almond milk instead of evaporated milk and I used a bit more swiss cheese than the recipe calls for. All in, it was less than 200 calories per serving (serves 4)!


I paired it with this Raspberry Blue Cheese Salad (to which I added half of a chopped fuji apple)


The Final Plate: Everyday Frittata with Raspberry-Apple Blue Cheese Salad, and Half an Ezekiel English Muffin with Avocado – Boy did it taste good!

~This whole meal is vegetarian and was about 520 calories~


Although I know this doesn’t ‘look’ appetizing (let’s face it I’m no photographer, food or otherwise), below is some AMAZING butcher’s turkey jerky (Cherry Maple), and some dehydrated beet chips from the Evergreen Brickworks Farmer’s Market! Can’t wait to dig into these delicious snack offerings!

I’ve found that the longer I stick to the program, the easier it gets. It truly promotes a change in lifestyle for the better. If there’s any advice I can give, it’s to get outside and get moving! Don’t be a slave to the scale, don’t forget to measure and stay positive! If it feels overwhelming, just take it one day at a time!

Cleanse Day Walking Pics!

Sunday we walked to the Scarborough Bluffs and check out the gorgeous view! It’s so tropical it’s hard to believe this is a view of Lake Ontario!

My view on may way home during Monday’s walk! This is a truly beautiful city. I love how much green space is in this City!

In parting, don’t forget these words of wisdom:


Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Day 198 on Isagenix: Results!

  1. Amazing results Yovanka! Being a consultant means that you have signed up 2 people as associates to get them started on a 30 day or other plan. Congratulations to you and I know you will continue to be inspiring to those around you!! Keep it up and I love these recipes šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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