Day 212: Results on Isagenix!

Yesterday marked the beginning of my 8th month of my transformation and my new Isa Life! I also have about 6-weeks to go in my current Isabody Challenge!

I got my 75lb badge from Fitbit!

My official results are 2.2lbs down for a total of 76.8lbs lost and an additional 4.5″ lost for a total of 78.75″ lost!

That means I’m just shy of 20lbs lost (so far) during my second Challenge! Woot!!

It’s been a great 2 weeks since my last post and a good cleanse break. I’ve been walking the weight (and my tush) off!

My body fat% is still moving in the right direction with a gain of 3.2lbs of lean muscle and a loss of 4.7lbs of fat in the last two weeks! That translated to a loss of 2% body fat!

Last weekend I got both my 25k step and my 30k step Fitbit badges by walking 32,000 steps on Saturday which is about 15 miles!

On our Saturday walking adventures we also visited the Front Street Foods at Union Station and I had an amazing somewhat Isa-friendly field greens salad with duck prosciutto! It was from the Toben Food By Design stall and it was delish!

Pictured Below: Wild arugula, kale, watermelon radish, pickled veg, fennel, candied walnuts, a little feta and duck prosciutto (that was their delicious interpretation of “add bacon”)!

I’m also happy to report that I’m on week 3 of Ripped in 30 and boy has this DVD really shown changes in the inches department!  I’m down to a size 10 –  which is very exciting!

I’ve also joined a gym to take me through the fall and winter without losing any of my momentum with my daily steps and walking. I joined a Fit4Less that just opened beside my office. Hello winter treadmill walking!

And this is where the business side of Isagenix definitely has its benefits: I used my commissions as a “Consultant” to pay for the entire year! So it was, in a way, ‘free’!

Now for some homemade FOODSTUFFS!

I was craving some cauliflower crust pizza, so I made some (with spinach, grape tomatoes and olives) but that doesn’t compare to my sister’s version of the recipe. It’s obvious who the better chef is!

Mine is pictured here (I used a bit too much cheese, and could have let it bake longer, but it still tasted good!)

My sister’s (which looks like it was made in a pizza parlour)!

And I’ve created my first Run for the Cure Team! I’ve been walking this charity 5k for breast cancer research since before my mother lost her battle in 2005, and this year I’m considering running it!

Here’s my team page: Boob Brigade – Minor
And my personal donation page is here.
Although my mother’s cancer wasn’t breast cancer, cancer (including breast cancer) has affected so many people in my life, and I feel it’s an important cause to support as any gains in finding a cure helps us all.

And in closing, some motivational words that I feel have never been truer (at least for me):

I’m taking an extended long weekend as tomorrow will be my last day of work for the week! Yippee!

Gotta enjoy these last of the dog days of summer! (And here’s a cute pic of Herbie, just because!) 

Have a great week everybody!


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