Day 219 on Isagenix: Post-Birthday Week Results!

So, last week was my birthday and there was a lot of celebrating.  I did my best to trade off by eating fewer calories on the days I hadn’t made plans and concentrated on increasing my walking to try and offset any indulgences. I didn’t do too badly either! I finished the week with just over 137k in steps!

I had a sliver of red velvet cake at the office, some candied pecans, black bean chips, popcorn and a mini mango creme brûlée and those were my food indulgences during my birthday week, not to mention a glass or two of red wine. ☺️

Despite all of this, I still lost just over a pound and my Fitbit Aria reports a gain of 2lbs of lean muscle and a loss of 3lbs of fat!

That’s 78lbs down! And 2% more body fat lost! My clothes are fitting differently so I can’t wait to see what the tape measure says!

That Jillian Michaels and her Ripped in 30 DVD (which I’m doing in 60 as I’m doing each level for two weeks instead of one) is really helping the transformation and I’m loving the results so far! I don’t know about the rest of her products as I’m unfamiliar, but her workout DVDs are right up my alley.

I also managed to earn a new badge from Fitbit!


No recipe to report just some turkey and squash pasta sauce with mushrooms and olives. It’s of my own creation and comes in at under 300 calories a serving.

I paired it with some organic edamame and mung bean fettuccine (pictured below, but covered by sauce) and some cheese. It was really good! Low carb and filling!

  Fettuccine from Explore Asian:

And I just wanted to take the time to gush over Isagenix and how great it makes me feel. I love the lifestyle these products encourage and facilitate.  Product B IsaGenesis is my new fave! There was an interesting Popular Science article about the research in telomere support.

Here’s a comparison pic of my transformation progress so far (January to August)!

And in parting, some words of wisdom:

Have a great week!


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