Day 257 on Isagenix: Results, End of Challenge #2, Begin Challenge #3!

Woot! Woot! This week I earned my newest Fitbit badge!


So, I rewarded myself with a bag from the most recent Kate Spade Surprise Sale for getting to the “80s”!



I think upping my workouts to 80 minutes a morning and alternating kettlebell and Jillian Michaels has paid off.

Since last week I’ve lost another 4.8lbs and since my last measurements, I’ve lost another 2.5″!!

My second Isabody Challenge didn’t end as strongly as my first, but I can’t say I’m disappointed with the results, especially since I’m getting so close to my goal. Only 13lbs difference between Challenge #1 and Challenge #2 – and I lost the same amount of body fat!  So, let’s see what Challenge #3 has in store!


Apple & Quinoa Kale Salad! So yummy!! Tip: I only used half of the dressing and it cuts the calories down and allows for an optional ‘side’.

And to mark the start of Challenge #3, here’s a pic comparing my January body to my October body (not the most flattering, but it’s the truth)!


That’s what 86″ lost looks like!!

This weekend it the first of my two 5ks this month! Sunday being the Run for the Cure! Can’t believe I decided to be a Team Captain! So busy….but so worth it! After participating in this event for almost 15 years, I’d be loathe to miss it!

And in closing, some words of wisdom:


Have a great week everyone!


2 thoughts on “Day 257 on Isagenix: Results, End of Challenge #2, Begin Challenge #3!

  1. So fantastic Yovanka! I am going to sponsor you for this weekend. I’ll get the details from what you posted before on Facebook. Have a wonderful weekend and people might not recognize you this weekend at the Run!

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