Day 283 on Isagenix: Let’s Catch Up with Some Results, Rewards, Foodstuffs and Accomplishments!

Where do I begin?!

It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted anything, and there’s a lot to report! So, here goes:

Our Run for the Cure Team raised over $1000! As far as I’m concerned my first year as a Team Captain was definitely a success! We will aim to qualify for team shirts in the future! Thanks for your support!

 To kick off Thanksgiving Weekend, I was surprised with my Certificate of Completion and Challenge T-shirt from my first Isabody Challenge! It was a motivator to do Thanksgiving right!

My sister and I enjoying a doppelgänger Thanksgiving!

And the much needed Cleanse support the day after….

(Replenish & an IsaDelight Plus)

Another pleasant surprise arrived in the mail!

Now for some Foodstuffs!

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese from my favourite place for recipes: MyFitnessPal Blog!
In my version I used Red & White Quinoa Macaroni from GoGo Quinoa, I subbed the regular milk with unsweetened almond milk and I added some pancetta. Including my substitutions/additions, and after dividing the recipe into 8 servings, all told it only comes to 486 kcal a pop with 23.4 grams of protein!

Found this great product in the snack aisle at Longo’s: Living Intentions Gone Nuts, Clusters of Cacao – Delish!

And of course, the big event! The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon! I ran my first 5k!   
And with its completion are the rewards! I think I’ve caught the bug! I want more of these finisher medals!

(Finished in 32:13! I’m told it’s not bad for a newbie😉) 

When I started my journey back in January, I never would have imagined completing a 5k this year.

And I earned a new Fitbit badge this week! Woot! That’s something to sing about!


The last month has been tough, as I’ve not been as strict with myself about food and as I get closer to my goal it’s taking longer to drop the pounds – but the inches are still coming off! Only 10lbs away from a very important milestone and this will undoubtedly be a tough 10 to lose. With the holidays approaching, it’ll be important for me to stay focused, but to still have fun!

In an effort to get my ducks in a row for maintenance, I’ve consulted a naturopathic doctor to help me transition back to 2 meals a day in an integrated way that maintains the equilibrium that Isagenix nutrition has given me – whole, low glycemic, anti-inflammatory foods with a mind to reducing toxins in the body. Early stages yet, so I’ll keep you posted!

And finally, some words of ‘wisdom’ to get you through the rest of the week!

I’ll check back in in the next couple of weeks!


2 thoughts on “Day 283 on Isagenix: Let’s Catch Up with Some Results, Rewards, Foodstuffs and Accomplishments!

  1. Totally fantastic Yovanka!! You look so great and happy too! Wow, and you should have your own fan page on Isabody Challenge on Facebook 🙂


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