Isagenix Day 304: Results, Rewards, Realities, Maintenance and Motivators

My mind has shifted to another place. Like I’ve been shouting at myself in my head, but the volume was on mute all this time.

Now I can hear what I’ve been trying to tell myself. Wake up. It’s time. Time to take your life by the reigns. Time to shine.

I’ve never felt better in my life.

Powering through my journey and staying positive along the way has been really important.  Especially now that my weight loss numbers have slowed – although I’m still seeing changes in my body, but adjustments are a constant.

This final push is proving to be both challenging  and rewarding. But so worth it.

Results! (and realities)

Only 1″ down from my last measurements, but things are moving around – so to speak – so I’ve gained inches in some areas while losing in others.

I’ve also had  zero weight loss in the last two weeks – I’m in no was despondent about this – if a little disappointed, as I have seen and felt changes in my body. Not to mention I’ve seen great results since the end of my 2nd Challenge so I think my body is playing a bit of catch-up/recovery now.

I’m finding that this is where tweaking my nutrition to account for my exercise regimen has become really important so obviously I need to make some adjustments and the reality is I need to cut out the evening snacking! *guilty face* šŸ˜”

I love this system and eat when I want to, but it’s about what I eat not when or even how much really. But now is the time to fine tune so sacrificing the evening snacking is a must!

So, I’m still 8lbs away from the elusive 100! But it’s not a question of ‘if’, just ‘when’.

A new lifetime distance Fitbit badge!  Can’t wait for  the next one as I’ve just bought the gear to keep me walking to work through the winter months!

My “Begin to Run” class at Energia Athletics came to an end and I was the only one who showed up!! Here’s me and my coach Elizabeth. We had a nice final class run together. šŸ˜Š Now I hope to keep seeing her at Tuesday clinic (which I plan on attending as much as possible so that I don’t lose my momentum and keep up with running at least 3 times a week) – this also means I need winterized gear – not that I need an excuse to go shopping or anything!


So I had to do “maintenance photos” for my last Challenge and it was so motivating and kept my progress in perspective, especially since I had lost 7lbs and 10″ since the end of my 2nd Challenge!

Here’s a progress pic of my journey from February to November:


And of course a nice “reward” for recent accomplishments (not that I really need a reason to treat myself, but this is the new world of non-food rewards), some Stan Smiths!

I love these kicks!

And as usual, some words of wisdom:


Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Isagenix Day 304: Results, Rewards, Realities, Maintenance and Motivators

  1. You are so inspirational! I know that I sound like a broken record, but I am amazingly proud of you and I’m so happy that you’ve taken the bull by the horns and changed your life for the better all around!


    • Thanks Donna, and you aren’t a broken record! I’m just coming around to getting used to these changes so I’m more than happy to hear it! Signing up HAS changed my life and there’s no looking back now! Thanks for all of your support!! šŸ˜Š


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