Day 311 on Isagenix: Results and Foodstuffs!


FINALLY!!! I got my 95lbs lost badge!!  Not sure about measurements as I’m not due to take them until the weekend, but as predicted – cutting down on evening snacks and rocking my last 2-day deep cleanse gave me the results I was looking for! After a 2-week plateau, I’m down another 3.5lbs! 


Pictured below is a recipe I found on the NY Times Cooking Blog: Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Figs. So good. 

My friend told me I was the first person to get her to like Brussels sprouts! It’s a nice feather to have in one’s cap! ☺️

I added some shrimp sautéed in sriracha sauce and garlic and served it over shiritaki noodles. I also used pancetta instead of traditional bacon. 

And…Yay to new products and seasonal flavours! I can’t wait to try the Eggnog Shake! Mmmm….Egggnog 

And of course there’s my new favourite: Isagenix Coffee!



A random pic of my sucky dog Herbie in his “watch mummy workout” resting place.


Not words of wisdom so much as just plain funny! This isn’t an issue for me and my Isalifestyle!!

Ok, some real words of wisdom


Have a great week!!


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