NYKO! New Year, New You!! (New Me Too)

New Year Kick Off (NYKO)!

So much to report!


After the rush, whirlwind and exhilaration of an Honorable Mention for my second Isabody Challenge, I left on a jetplane to Dallas for NYKO!


Had a wonderful view of the skyline at Sheraton Dallas Hotel!

The staff were great! It was a great time!

I got to the Dallas Convention Centre not knowing what to expect…


But I had nothing to fear. It was fantastic!

Visited the Isabody Challenge Booth!


Such a great Mission that has given me focus and driven me to achieve my goals over the last year and continues to do so!

Got to meet some of the Isabody Family face-to-face! Love them!



and Shayla… 

Was fortunate enough to run into this  great lady, friend, and current Isabody Finalist….



Past Isabody Finalists….

Angela & Ellen

My new found buddy…



And the 2014 Isabody Challenge Grand Prize Winner!



And I can’t forget to mention my night out on the town with my new friends, fellow & future 100lb-Club members…

Bonnie & Barbara


Non-Scale Victory: Picked up some Isa-Gear in size small!


It was a whirlwind and I learned so much and received so much support and love, I am forever grateful for the opportunity!

Sweat Equity

Back home, and back to the grind! Had my best run yet! Woot!

(Too cold to run outside, so I caved and went with the treadmill! I even surprised myself!) 


 Isagenix Greens!

(I love this stuff on it’s own or added to my shake. I also use it for the Bedtime Belly Buster or BBB!)


It’s officially been a year since I started my journey!

All told I have lost 105lbs, 108″ and 23% Body Fat!  

Now it’s time to kick it up a notch heading into Challenge #4!

I’ve signed up for Healthy Mind & Body and so far it’s been great! Transformation is never solely physical and this program supports the psychology of transformation as well.


In parting, some Words of Truth:


**More frequent updates can be found on my Facebook Page**

Isabody4Life – MyIsaJourney

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