Top Achievers 2016! Maintenance Photos for Isabody Challenge #4, and Off to the Races!


Top Achievers 2016 Isabody Challenge Finalists!


Wow! It’s been a couple months since my last blog post, but I’ve been pretty active on my Facebook page, so please refer to for more frequent posts and updates!

Now, down to business. Top Achievers was my first event since being announced as an Isabody Challenge Finalist and what an event it was!

The company was more than generous! We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua (amazing!), we went on a catamaran snorkel/sailing excursion, were given wonderful gifts, treats and dinners were bestowed upon us and we were basically treated like superstars for the whole event (professional photo shoots, video shoots and the whole shebang!). On top of all that I learned so much! The training was fantastic! I finally got to meet the other 4 finalists in my grouping and they couldn’t be a more fantastic group of people! All so deserving of their place in the finals. I just can’t stop gushing about them and can’t wait until we meet again in Las Vegas in a few weeks!









Despite a busy schedule, I managed to get my runs in while there. Went on an awesome coastal trail run with Joy! Once in a lifetime experience (unless of course, I get the opportunity to do it again – lol)!


And the Isabody Challenge Finalists from NYKO (another awesome group of people, by the way) showed their support and sent us a gift basket!

It was amazing to be able to bring my big sis, my accountabilibuddy and my biggest cheerleader, along with me. ❤️

We had a great time and I dare say are closer as a result.

And despite all the fun, we kept to the program and had our daily shakes! It is a lifestyle after all!

And although it was tough to say goodbye to paradise…

I was happy to see my little monster again! 🐾❤️

Pro Tip: If you have a long travel day ahead of you, it’s a good time to cleanse (thank-you Brenda Melville)! Cleanse for Life comes in convenient 2oz (TSA compliant) bottles and made a couple of 24-hour travel days easier to bear!

Sweat Equity

My marathon training continues as I ramp up for the Marine Corps Marathon in October! *gulp*

I had my first 10-mile training run! Woot!

And I continue to use my kettlebells as well as adding resistance bands to the regimen.


One of my favourite training companions is the Amped NOx


You can go for hours with this stuff in your system! Add an e+shot and there’s just no stopping you! Holy endurance batman! 👟


And now that summer is upon us, there’s nothing like some protein ice cream to keep you on track!

Here’s a non-dairy variety using Rich Chocolate Dairy-Free IsaLean shake

And a whey-based option using *Pina Colada IsaLean shake!

*a seasonal shake flavour that’s currently sold out*

Maintenance photos for my 4th Isabody Challenge were due last week and this has allowed me to reflect on just how far I’ve come these past 18-months.

All this using my home gym equipment and some DVDs!

*the dog’s crate makes for a functional storage area – hahaha!*

Race Weekend!

Today I ran my 2nd 10k! The Toronto Waterfront 10! I finished in under 54:00, marking my best time to date! This was my 3rd race of the season with 3 to go!

All I can really say is that starting this journey has been the best life decision I’ve made so far and I don’t regret it for a second. I know my mom would be proud and that she has guided my hand along the way. 👼🏾

Some words of (cheeky) wisdom 😜

So don’t forget to strength train!

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